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Soon aerodromes in Canada will come under local municipal authority with all the limitations that small aircraft and private pilots will encounter in the process.  As an aerodrome Corman Air Park is in the unique position of being under Federal jurisdiction since 1974, and continues to be "grandfathered" in as Federal policies are changing. Is is still a great place to experience all that aviation can offer for small planes.  With 2600ft. of runway on 70 acres, no obstructions and only 16km from Saskatoon ... it's a great place to fly.




Sandra Rees is presently the owner and President of Corman Air Park Corp., she and her husband Vern purchased the property in 2004. Ultralight flight training, conventional aircraft training, charter flights, aircraft hangars and space for over 100 small aircraft (tie downs) are just a few of the services they have made available and keep the air park a viable business and exciting place for aviation enthusiasts. With the first Fly N Fair in 2007 that passion was shared with the general population around Saskatoon.


Wayne Watt an Aircraft Mechanical Engineer and Wade Heggie, commercial pilot and instructor, created Corman Air Park on 80 acres, 1974- 1986. In 1986 -1989 Husky Manufacturing designed and manufactured 44 Husky Norseman Ultralight aircraft, and employed 30 people. 1989-2004 Cec Kanigan redid the runway, ran a flight school and continued to manufacture Husky Norseman Ultralight aircraft. 2004  run by Vern Rees (deceased 2009) and Sandra Rees to present.


Vern & Sandra Rees












Corman Air Park on 70 acres is for sale. Sandra's greatest wish is that someone with a passion to promote and expand recreational aviation will continue the legacy of Vern Rees (1953-2009) and all those that kept the dream alive since 1974.